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Cause Marketing Benefits Include:

  • 93% of employees want their companies to provide opportunities to become involved with causes.
  • 89% of consumers are likely to switch from one brand to another (price and quality being equal) if the second brand is associated with a good cause.
  • 89% of employees at companies with cause-related marketing programs feel a strong sense of loyalty to their employer, versus 67% of those who do not have such a program.
  • 86% of consumers consider a company's commitment to social issues when deciding which companies they want to see doing business in their communities.
  • 83% of consumers will trust a company more if it is socially/environmentally responsible.
  • 83% of consumers say that they have a more positive image of a company that supports a cause they care about.
"Nonprofits have more people in need of help, but fewer funds available to address those needs. Companies need the reputational benefits of contributing to society, but fiscal uncertainties threaten their social commitments. Fortunately, companies can link economic opportunity with social good by engaging with socially minded consumer groups in the marketplace."

*Cone Inc/Opinion Research Cause Survey 2007

Sponsorship Investment Readiness Questions

Sponsor Partners positions 501c3 fundraising objectives to potential partners as strategic investments in the community by assessing a variety of detailed questions, including:
  • What is your Mission? Vision? Core Offerings? Values?
  • Who do you serve? (Demographics of population served)
  • What differentiates your organization from others?
  • What key accomplishments has your organization made to further your cause?
  • How long has your organization been achieving these positive results for your cause?
  • Who currently supports your organization? (Demographics of supporters)
  • How much money would you like to raise from corporate sponsors next year and beyond? (most corporations require proposals at least one year in advance to pre-budget charitable sponsorships - rarely under 6 months)
  • What specific outcomes would these new funds provide for your charity's clients and community?
  • How will sponsors benefit from contributing to these results and encourage ongoing support?
  • Where can supporters learn about your achievements, programs and events?
  • What would constitute a successful partnership for you?
  • Do you have testimonials from clients served, or past sponsors, to acknowledge your successes?

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