Connecting Great Partners for Greater Good


Sponsor Partners team of marketing, sales and management professionals are proud to apply our targeted consulting services and our dedication to make a difference in the world to connect great causes with great partners to achieve greater good through strategic collaborations.

Our Sponsorship Services Include:

Sponsorship Fundraising We provide commercial fundraising services for non-profit organizations to help gain and maintain well-suited corporate partnerships, sponsorships and/or commercial co-ventures.

Sponsorship Proposals We help develop targeted fundraising proposals to use as communication tools which clearly outline funding opportunities, timelines and anticipated results, to help manage expectations between funding partners and charitable cause initiatives.

Prospect Analysis We identify and source appropriate potential partners to help communicate and achieve mutually beneficial results for charitable causes and sponsors.

Sponsor Solicitation & Partnership Management We solicit approved corporate sponsors on behalf of non-profit clients to engage, gain, and maintain corporate funding for specific non-profit objectives for charitable causes through written agreements and maintain ongoing communications to partners.

Post Sponsorship Reporting We ensure objectives are clearly communicated and delivered to stakeholders to maximize understanding and appreciation of the difference that each investment makes for charitable causes.

Additional Consulting Services
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